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A very warm welcome from him and me. 

My name’s right homonymous hemianopia, heminopsia if you prefer [image 001] 

He’s the unfortunate who met me in the South Pacific [image 002]. Fate had come up with a brain abscess for him along with me and chosen an island with no form of medical assistance. Though that was more than 50 years ago.

Image 001

Image 002

Due to the impossible way we met (see also Paradise Lost 1), he treated me as “no big deal” till I caused him to catch hemi computer phobia today’s “online’s even worse. It was why he took so long to dare Google’s hemi library, that was except for checking my spelling [image 003].

Then at last some hemi learning. Yet why so little available from his unknown hemi colleagues, like the one he’s just missed on the stairs? [image 004] There’s no special hemi trademark.

Image 003

Image 004

Soon after, he tried to meet hemi colleagues recently confronted with yours. Except no one seemed to know anything about us, including those he assumed would. Then someone did, yet dismissed us as not being a serious form of visual impairment.

He fully understands what’s implied. Though at least VIPs (Visually Impaired People) are noted and to an extent understood, the complete opposite to us. And surely, suicide can’t easily be dismissed as later on (see also Paradise Lost 2)? 

So, why not add a few everyday hemi images to Google’s – till fate took over again.